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What up, world!

My name is Dan and I’m a youth educator at YAAPP.

My main task is to play the role of Jake, an abusive boyfriend, in the Jake & Caroline skit—one of YAAPP’s many educational programs. Playing the character of Jake is no simple joy, but when the skit ends, I love breaking character and having real conversations with high school students about gender stereotypes, the dynamics of abuse, and how to be an active bystander to everyday violence. On top of classroom education, I am blessed to be able to meet weekly with three separate groups of young men to hold discussions about healthy masculinity—a topic that I also explore on my blog: Calling Out, Welcome In.

The way I see it, these are two essential steps to take: (1) Calling out, or holding men accountable for the messed up actions we’ve taken or beliefs we’ve learned from an oppressive society, but doing so in the spirit of (2) Welcome in, or inviting men to be introspective and to seek positive change from within. It is my hope that this cycle of introspection and accountability sensitizes men to their privileged position in society, making them better allies in the fight for gender equality.

Outside of work hours, I love reading fiction, writing poetry, playing basketball, cooking new dishes, and dancing Contact Improv.

Everything mentioned above (and more) will find its way into the posts. If you have questions that you’d like me to answer, or topics that you’re interested in hearing me riff about, please please please leave a message for me over at the blog, or on the “Contact Us” section of YAAPP’s homepage!

Until then, stay savory!