A Violence Prevention Program that Works


We all have a role to play in guiding boys into manhood. Coaching Boys Into Men is a national program from Futures Without Violence that utilizes the powerful influence coaches have on young male athletes. Through training and resources, coaches are equipped with the tools they need to help young men build respectful nonviolent relationships.

Coaching Boys Into Men, on its surface, is a resource kit and curriculum that effectively raises awareness in male athletes and offers them prevention strategies around the issues of domestic, dating, and sexual violence. But in theory AND in practice, CBIM goes much, much deeper.

As veteran basketball coach Phil Conley discovered during his team’s march to the Maine State Class A Finals, CBIM has a number of other surprising results. The twelve week curriculum deepened athletes’ understanding of teamwork, personal accountability and sportsmanship, while magnifying the virtues of respect, integrity and non-violence —  especially as they apply to interpersonal relationships.  CBIM transforms and unifies teams like no skills drill, conditioning regimen, or pep talk ever can.

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Dana Roberts