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Coaching Female Athletes

For Sports. For Life.

The Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program was so inspired by the success of Coaching Boys into Men at South Portland High School in the fall of 2012 that we decided young women needed a similar program. We wrote a curriculum specifically designed to promote respectful relationships. Coaching Female Athletes aims to educate, offer new views, model healthy and respectful behavior, and promote active bystander intervention.

Coaches are guided to have conversations with their athletes through a 12 week playbook, which includes discussions around gender bias and oppression of women, self esteem, women’s roles in sports and culture, positive body image, female competition, and female leadership.

Why is it important?

Most involved in the sports world look at counting wins and losses. Although it might seem like a constant battle for respect, women make strides every day in winning the ultimate goal; equality. In 1972 the most commonly known stride was tackled by Congress passing Title IX as part of the Education Amendments Act, which brought a lot of attention to women’s athletics seeking equality. The act passed for women’s opportunities for competitive participation in sports on a plane equal to men for federal funding.  However, this Title IX covers more than just the field.

Every day, millions of lives are affected by violence. Violence is just as prevalent and serious in the experiences of teenagers. Coaching Female Athletes is a program that will focus on the numbers off the scoreboard. For example: 40% of teenage girls, ages 14 to 17, know someone their age that has been hit or beaten by a partner.

Coaching Female Athletes is a prevention program for athletic coaches to inspire and empower young women to grow into leaders and role models in today’s society by experiencing equality and safety in their lives, and supporting each other on and off the field.

Why Coaches?

Coaches are memorable to players because they do more than teach the game; they teach life lessons. Athletic coaches can be influential players in the success of not just a season, but a player’s future dreams. Many coaches are positive influences on these students as they mentor through practices, games, and life.

Why Athletes?

All women face oppression. The athletic tradition has created an opportunity for an established female target audience. Numerous studies indicate that sports participation is invaluable to girls: it increases self-esteem and promotes positive body image. By drawing attention to these female athletes and providing a safe space for them to grow into influential leaders among their peers and community, we create a positive environment to promote gender equality.

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